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The Story Of Baccarat Cutter Gang: One Of The Biggest Casino Scams

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  • Baccarat Cutter Gang was one of the biggest scammers in casino history
  • Scammers “won” millions of dollars at baccarat in Las Vegas in 2011
  • Learn how they managed to fool casino security, dealers, and players

Baccarat Cutter Gang is one of the most famous casino scammers of our times. What makes them special is that scammers fooled everybody in the casino, earned lots of money at a popular game, and avoided any punishment! Read the story of the most reckless cheaters of the 21st century in our article.

One of the biggest scams in gambling history took place in the early 2010s. A group of professional gamblers named Cutter Gang was a nightmare of every big Las Vegas casino. Nonetheless, the gang used a simple but working scheme to win at baccarat 먹튀검증.

Consequently, it allowed them to beat even the most famous poker cheaters and get away with it. Read about one of the most brilliant scams in modern history.

Baccarat Cutter Gang’s origin

In the 2010s, a group of baccarat players also known as Cutter Gang became famous due to their cheating scheme. While several Asian men developed a simple yet working scheme that helped them in haunting the most popular casinos in the world.

In particular, the gang managed to scam casinos in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Macau out of millions of dollars.

The Cutter Gang was first suspected at the beginning of 2011. While owners of several casinos in Vegas suspected that they have been scammed by a group of people at baccarat games.

As a result, the employees of the Gaming Control Board started monitoring the most popular casinos and the luck smiled at them in a newly-opened Cosmopolitan.

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  • Baccarat Cutter Gang

How did they do it?

The Cutter Gang almost gave themselves away in January 2011 in a $4-billion Cosmopolitan Casino that has just opened its doors to visitors 카지노사이트.

Hence, on Chinese New Year Eve, most games in the casino were played on high stakes. Such an opportunity couldn’t go unnoticed by our infamous group of gamblers who decided to hit the jackpot.

The Gaming Control Board specialists seemed to hit the jackpot instead. They arrested the cutters at Cosmopolitan after receiving a signal about a possible scam.

They found out that the gang played at many other casinos and were suspiciously lucky to win great sums of money.

For instance, they took $100.000 from the Bicycle Casino in LA thanks to cheating. Therefore, an impossible precedent to happen at online casinos in the US!

However, the Baccarat Cutter Gang was set free almost immediately in spite of all suspects. The specialists didn’t find any evidence of their illegal actions. So, men avoided arrest as well as any mention of their names or personal data.

The Cutter Gang’s secret

How did the cutters manage to scam top casinos and not get judged? The Gaming Control Board specialists succeeded in finding an answer to this question.

Meanwhile, baccarat players can play their favorite game safely at Vegas Crest Casino. As there is no chance of being scammed at one of the most reputable online casinos.

So, it turned out that the Baccarat Cutter Gang used a tiny camera to peep cards. One of the players hid the camera in his sleeve or cufflink. Traditionally, the dealer allows players to cut the deck. After shuffling it and that’s how scammers spied the cards.

Baccarat Cutter Gang

They cheated the system!
To turn the plan into reality, the gang member with the camera accepted the offer at the baccarat table. Then, he dragged the cut card over the top of the deck. Carefully separated the cards with his index finger as he did so. As a result, all the cards’ sequence was recorded. Macau Mass Baccarat 2nd Quarter

The final step was the easiest. The player went to the restroom and passed the camera to another gang member. In his turn, he took the camera to the gang’s “headquarter” where other gamblers analyzed all winning combinations. Then, the player was back to the table and accepted advice via a tiny earpiece.

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Although the scheme looked perfect, one of the Cosmopolitan employees suspected a scam. The gang was detained but not arrested as a full body search wasn’t conducted. As there was no obvious reason to suspect someone of using a camera during the game, the gang escaped.

Where is Baccarat Cutter Gang now?

However they barely escaped prison, the situation in Cosmopolitan Casino didn’t stop the Cutter Gang. Baccarat players kept on traveling across the globe looking for casinos to scam.

Thus, their adventures almost ended in May 2011 when the gang was arrested in the Philippines.

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