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A Gambling Addict Who Lost Everything Rebuilds His Life

Justyn Larcombe and sons

Justyn Larcombe previously told the BBC News in July 2013 that he was out £750,000 and his life was in chaos. Now he says he has turned his life around and is committed to helping others with gambling addictions. When I first met Mr Larcombe in a park in Tunbridge Wells, he told me how his wife had left him and their two sons, he had lost six of his jobs in the town, he was £70,000 in debt and was forced to return home. in his house. Mother’s house in Kent, is just a bag of clothes.

His addiction began with a small bet placed online in 2009 during a rugby match, but the addiction soon became so severe that it took over his life. He started betting on all sorts of sites, sometimes up to £5,000 on a football match and once losing £17,000 on a tennis match.

For three years, he spent his life savings, his home equity, and his wife’s alimony, after which he began using his company’s credit card. When his employers found out, they fired him.

When his wife, Emma, ​​discovered the extent of what he had done in the autumn of 2012, he left her with their two sons – the day before he was expelled and returned without refuge – his septuagenarian mother. went to Derbyshire and brought him back to Tonbridge where he grew up.

Now, 12 months on from our first meeting, the 45-year-old’s life looks very different.

“This time last year, really, I had nothing, I had no self-respect, I had no money, I had hardly had any income, I had £70,000 worth of debt and a little bin liner of old clothes and pictures to my name, that is all I had,” says Mr Larcombe. Since he has gone public with his battle with drug addiction, social media has helped raise his profile as a pro-gambling advocate. Shady Gambling Tax Deal Forces Polish Sports Minister Out

“It changed my life a lot, when my first interview came out,” he said. “I’m looking for healing and what it allows me to do, as I put my head above the parapet, is to reach out and connect with others who are in a similar situation to mine.

“It’s almost as if my story has touched many people in different ways, not only problem gamblers, but also the families of people who suffer from this evil.”

In January, he started running a recovery run at Tonbridge Baptist Church for people with all kinds of addictions and also found freelance work in the town. Now he has paid off his debts and his family is back together and living in Shipbourne.

He also became chairman of a newly formed gambling charity called Rethink Gambling. Her novel is published this week and she will swim across the English Channel in August for the charity Hemi Help, which helps people with hemiplegia, the paralysis of one of her children. a man who suffers.

Rethink Gambling was created when he got together with three other recovering gamblers. This organization has three specific objectives. 카지노사이트

“One is to see compulsory education in schools about gambling addiction,” says Mr Larcombe, who has a 13-year-old son from a previous marriage. “We will also want research to be funded independently of the sports industry; currently it is sponsored by the sports industry.

“We would also like to see gambling move from the Department of Culture, Media and Sports, where it is almost a form of entertainment, and move to the Department of Health. “Although 1% or 1.5% of people have serious problems in all mental health problems, depression and suicidal people can be treated effectively.”

Another thing Mr. Larcombe wants to ensure that the implementation is a one-time exclusion system so that online gamers who think they have a problem can exclude themselves from all 2,500 online gambling sites immediately, once. Measure which, like him, will save. his marriage.

His wife said he had changed a lot in the last 12 months. “I think it’s rare for someone in a desperate situation to be able to turn things around, pay off their debts, survive when they’re in the midst of an addiction they don’t have, ” he said. .

“I think it does a lot for a lot of people, and I think that’s good. “It is clear that he is a different person from the one I married. I think he is a better person. I think he uses his power to help others and good things.”

Mr Larcombe wants people to know that he is not against gambling.

“My goal is to find protections for problem gamblers to reduce the temptation and risk people have,” he said. In a statement, the Remote Gambling Group said it was an independent charity supported by donations from the gambling industry.

He said he supported education, prevention and treatment projects as well as providing research to expand public understanding of gambling-related harm.

In a statement, the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport pledged its unwavering support for the gambling industry’s efforts to “place player protection and social responsibility at the center of their business.”

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