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Australia’s Gambling Failings Whistleblower Will Run for Political Seat in NSW


Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) will hold a general election in March, and gambling is becoming a hot topic in the race. A seasoned new-faced competitor is throwing his hat into the ring, hoping to challenge Chris Minns for statewide boxing dominance.

Troy Stolz was previously responsible for ensuring NSW clubs and pubs followed anti-money laundering (AML) policies. He exposed what he said was a sea of ​​corruption that tried to undermine his efforts. As a result, Stolz turned against the company and became a fugitive, revealing its darkest secrets. As the dispute within the NSW government over gambling continues, he now wants to try to force the issue in some way 에볼루션게이밍.

Slot Machines on Trial

There are two assumptions in gambling companies in NSW. One wants to see the reduction of a hole in electricity (eg), others want to match without money. Both have experienced difficulties due to differences between governments. Stolz wants to change that. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Stolz is running as an independent in an attempt to unseat Minns.

The leader of the NSW Labor Party has been at the forefront of halting the expansion of illegal gambling in the state. Minns represents Kogarah, a suburb south of Sydney. Although he can help guide the topic of gambling bankruptcy, the seat represents only 0.1% of the political control of the Labor Party.

Stolz, who is also battling cancer, plans to fight to stop gambling without the money to continue. He believes, like Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet, that this is the only way to prevent the “disposal” of illegal money and gambling. As an AML auditor for ClubsNSW, Stolz’s job is to keep the club clean. After his attempt to do his job hit a brick wall with his hands, he presented his findings to MP Andrew Wilkie in 2020. Since then, Stolz has been embroiled in a legal battle that has worsened his health problems.

At the same time, he must sell assets to cover legal costs to defend himself and launch his own suit against ClubsNSW. He accuses her of defaming her name and not paying the required fees.

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It’s All in the Story

Repeated attacks on gambling in Australia’s casinos, hotels and pubs are part of corporate malpractice. Casino operators Star Entertainment and Crown Resorts have admitted to breaching AML laws for years.

These days politicians from both parties pretend they are doing what is best for the country while they provide free bars and restaurants to eat miserable food, and miserable money, of people another will end,” said Solz in his political support. desire. The NSW Crime Commission used a creative framework to create an argument that puts the sports industry in an often controversial light 온라인카지노.

He emphasized that criminals are using tunnels across the state to gain more than AUD1 billion (US$710 million). However, there is no way to reach this conclusive figure. Playing a slot machine at a bar is truly anonymous, and even claiming a win is possible without ID. Both groups have been guilty of creating campaigns to meet their needs, even if they are not entirely scientific. Stolz hopes to get a seat at the political table to help everyone do things honestly.

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