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Buy HR Technology in 5 Steps


If you’re a human resources or talent acquisition manager, the most important investment purchase you can make in your career is technology. What I see is that although this will be one of the most important leadership decisions you can make, many leaders have no idea how to buy the technology that drives their business. By the way, almost no manager working outside of IT knows how to buy technology, so we’re not alone!

Because we don’t have this knowledge, most of us will let our IT department buy this for us (bad idea!) Your IT department doesn’t know about HR, talent acquisition, benefits, quality, employee engagement, etc. You do. Suffice it to say that IT chooses your technology helper. Some marketers pay large consulting firms millions of dollars for “research”. So who do they recommend you buy? Technology Can Make Your Relationship Shallow

Because I do a lot of presentations and explanations (over a hundred per year), I like to think that I have a good idea of ​​how to do this job. Wait, what is “summary” in the HR technology industry? Basically, “description” is search language for fast-selling dating. In 30 minutes, they’ll tell you why they’re awesome, what they’ve built recently, and what they plan to build in the future. Then I can ask them about their favorite movies, where they have traveled, etc. You know, all the questions of dating. If they really knew what they were doing, they would make Diet Mountain Dew drive me crazy!

How to Buy Hr Technology?

Step 1. Make full use of your current software and find out what it can’t do that you really want. I have noticed that almost no one takes this first step. All they want is something better, and even if they are asked, they find it difficult to express what is better.

Step 2. Once you know what you want, you can find the best games in the market that do that. It takes some research and a lot of exposure. For all you want, imagine that there will be at least 20 vendors selling this type of solution. Depending on your size, this will limit your options, but at least five or six will be in play just think about the human capital management of the company: you have Workday, Oracle, SAP, Infor, Ceridian, ADP, UKG and I. I’m sure others have escaped me. That’s one of the reasons I go to big HR gatherings like the annual SHRM conference and expo – I want to know what’s going on in the market.

Step 3. Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to submit an RFP to the vendors you want to test. For many small businesses that buy solutions, you’ll be on your own trying to find a partner. In this case, step 2 will be very important for you because I have found that many HR and talent acquisition shops buy what is sold to them, not what is available. In turn, HR technology companies are good at marketing and advertising to potential buyers. The companies that sell you can be the right choice if you are lucky, or it can be a terrible choice. You need to know your options! 온라인카지노

Step 4. Talk to technical staff before you decide to buy, including:

Users Are Currently Using Specific Technologies Implemented

Users have been implemented for at least one year. The user left this technology in the last year.
If the seller doesn’t give you those references, move on! You need to know how much you will suffer and the reasonable time of implementation, you need to know what others have learned as they improve the technology, and you need to know what can go wrong as the worst case scenario. Step 5. Network in the community for other companies that use the same technology you want to buy and find out what they pay. I’ve found that tech salespeople charge as much as they can, and some salespeople are better at negotiating than you might be.

If you can use the specified number, the provider will work with you. If you don’t have an idea, you will pay a higher price than another company using the exact same solution. Plus, if the big consulting firm you’re paying six figures for can’t give you those posts, you’re paying them big! SHRMConnect is a great place to post these questions!

Obviously there are many steps to these steps, but this step will get you off to a good start and make sure you don’t make a mistake. Don’t forget the old tech marketing saying “nobody got fired for buying IBM”. This is said because at the time IBM was the gold standard and the most expensive. So you can find good technology for less, and you have a higher chance that it will fail.

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