Thursday Feb 02, 2023

Putin’s Biggest Mistake? Unable to Grasp Ukraine’s Developing National Identity

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian government in February 2022 has so far had the opposite effect from what Russian President Vladimir Putin had anticipated. Putin’s invasion has brought together the leaders and public of the majority of countries in Europe and promoted future NATO expansion, rather than widening political rifts in the West. […]

Is Europe Headed in the Right Direction?

What is shaking European politics. In September, Italy elected populist Giorgia Meloni, who on Friday became the country’s first right-wing leader since wartime Mussolini. The day before the right-wing Swedish Nationalist Democrats held an election, winning 20.5% of the vote in a poll of concerns about violence and immigration. Although there are a few exceptions […]

A Slice of North Carolina’s Casino Profits Go to Political Relatives

A company profiting from North Carolina’s new tribal casino has offered family members of politicians and high-ranking politicians. As supporters of the casino seeking federal approval for the project, according to an interview with the Wall Street Journal. One of the stakes is John B. Clyburn, the brother of Representative James Clyburn, a powerful Democratic […]

Shady Gambling Tax Deal Forces Polish Sports Minister Out

Miroslaw Drzewiecki, Poland’s Minister of Sports, resigned recently in light of accusations regarding proposed amendments to Polish gambling laws. Drzewiecki allegedly lobbied on behalf of local gambling companies to block a proposed law that called for higher taxes be drawn from the local gambling industry.카지노사이트 The proposed law would have increased gambling taxes in Poland […]

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