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How Sue’s Son Lost $100,000 to Online Gambling

Mother and Son

Sue’s 21-year-old son* bets $100,000 online.

Within a short time after his son was granted access to an online gambling application, he had destroyed friendships, damaged his pride, and broken his parents’ trust in him. Sue didn’t know her son was in such serious trouble until late 2020 when he came to her asking for help paying off a $3,700 loan he took out from a friend to pay off the debt.

“My first question was, ‘Well, what about your savings?’ Because I know he had a lot of savings for his age … but he told me that’s gone, too,” he said. said. Sue is one of thousands of parents across Australia who are hopeful that a parliamentary inquiry set up last week to look into online gambling and related problems will lead to a understand the word that has been popping up for years.

Despite seeking help from psychologists, helplines and banning himself from using betting tools, Sue’s son continued to receive them and found a lot of gambling money from friends , family, banks and loan sharks until his debt reached $100,000. Sue said her son had “fallen off the wagon” several times and was kicked out of the house at one point, but ultimately decided support and help was the best way to recover.

However, he lamented the pit he had dug for himself. He said: “It’s sad that a young man has such a big setback so early in his life.”

The public

“It will pay off our bills, loans and bank loans for many years, when all that money can be invested in security or travel and life experiences.”

Sue hopes the research will prompt lawmakers to introduce gambling 온라인 카지노 사이트 승부벳 놀검소 advertising bans and other preventative measures to keep young Australians, especially young men, away from gambling. “These gamblers, they have psychologists involved in their marketing, and they adjust where they send their texts and what will attract people,” he said. said.

I’m not saying we need babies or spoon feeding them, [just] maybe we need to put a few extra steps in place.”

Rod* is a WA father of 20-year-old son Oli* who took $25,000 of his hard earned money in 11 months. He said that having access to more betting tools makes his son’s body better.


Brian James Wilson has appeared in Victoria County Court accused of defrauding an 82-year-old man out of almost $2million.

“Once he lost about $5000, he was banned from the first gambling club and then the temptation came again and he signed up for another one. Then he was banned from that one, then he signed up for another one,” he said. “When I was my son’s age, if I wanted to gamble, I had three choices. I would go to the TAB, I would go to Tasmania and Westpoint Casino, or I would take an hour’s drive four to New Wales from the play a poker machine. “Now all you need is a smartphone.”

Access to various betting tools as a way around addiction prevention may be a thing of the past by the end of the year.

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In July, the Australian Communications and Media Authority announced that it was introducing a nationwide ban record of the betting application known as BetStop, which will be advertised to all licensed Australian betting providers. ACMA said BetStop will launch “over the next few months”.

Rod and Sue are two voters who shared their stories with the independent MP for Curtin, Kate Chaney, who sits on the Gambling Review Committee. Chaney supported the research idea in the media.

“I think what surprised me is that it’s a hidden issue because there’s a lot of shame around it. Young people are happy to tell their friends about a win but not a loss.”
Both the NSW and Victorian governments are facing increasing pressure to respond effectively to issues related to the use of space machines.

“Gaming advertising is everywhere it’s organized as part of watching sports for young people and then people don’t talk about the negative aspects of it, so I think the problem is important more than we thought.

“I think preventing it from being seen as a normal and expected part of participating in sports is a positive step.”

Responsible Wagering Australia, the body representing some of the biggest online gambling companies, has been contacted for comment. The committee is calling for submissions on the inquiry and will report its findings to parliament next year.

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