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Aside from video slot games, keno offers the best chance to win big prizes with low stakes. As you can imagine, the chance of winning is not very high, but it is still great, although you will not find a good strategy that increases your chances of winning. Keno is often referred to as the casino version of the lottery and, surprisingly, that’s a pretty accurate description. Keno is a relaxing game. The game itself is fun and easy to play. In a real casino block, keno has 80 ping pong balls with edges and in each game the house chooses 20 balls at random (and displays their number on the screen). In some local casinos, you can find “Keno runners” who are employees who collect players’ tickets and pay the winnings. But nowadays, there is also an online version of Keno – it works the same rules as regular Keno. All you have to do is just pick a few numbers between 1 and 80 (minimum 4 numbers but no more than 10!) and compare them to the randomly selected numbers of the casino (software).


Keno is a type of game similar to lotto. Although it originated in China hundreds of years ago, the word “keno” has French/Latin roots meaning “five winning numbers” in Latin. The game is believed to have been first played in ancient China during the Han Dynasty between 205 and 187 BC. Some historians say that it was Keno who built the Great Wall of China. In the 19th century, Chinese migrant workers brought the game to the west when they came to help build the railroad. Years later, Chinese immigrants brought the game to the United States (in the mid-1800s).


The online version of keno is played using the numbers 1 to 80. The player is presented with a 10 X 8 die in which they usually choose to play a minimum of four points to 15 points. Sometimes, players can play 20 places. The goal is very simple. The player tries to hit as many points as possible. The higher the number of correct points, the higher the reward. Bet: Based on the table size determined by each specific site, the player decides how much money he bets on his keno ticket. A payout table is provided showing potential payouts based on the number of spots hit and the number of spots selected. Once the player has finally chosen their location, the game is ready to begin.

Draw: After betting is over, 15-20 numbers are drawn randomly one ball at a time. The number of balls to be drawn generally corresponds to the maximum number that a player is allowed to select for each game.

Payouts: Keno is one of the few casino games where the player receives partial credits. In some cases, players are rewarded for dying. Play Keno Games Online – Live and RNG Variations

To illustrate how compensation is applied, we will assume that you, the player, have decided to draw 15 with 15 balls. Paying starts with three or four “ads” and fifteen points at a payout of $0.50 per dollar. The remaining fees are as follows:

  • 5 out of 15 = 1-1
  • 6 out of 15 = 2-1
  • 7 out of 15 = 5-1
  • 8 out of 15 = 15-1
  • 9 out of 15 = 50-1
  • 10 out of 15 = 150-1
  • 11 out of 15 = 300-1
  • 12 out of 15 = 600-1
  • 13 out of 15 = 1,200-1
  • 14 out of 15 = 2,500-1
  • 15 out of 15 = 10,000-1

Some online casinos will also offer bonuses of $500 to $1,000 if the player picks 15 spots and returns to zero. The theory is that it is almost impossible to find multiple numbers and not hit one. For practical purposes, the probability of hitting 0 in 20 is 1 in 843 and 20 in 20 is calculated as 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,173,800. When bettors play the game, it can be tedious to always choose numbers. Many tools are available to help players reduce the workload. For example, players can choose to play certain cards multiple times by selecting one of several game options. 카지노사이트

Tips to Follow

Look for benefits – Some online casinos offer better returns on certain games. Depending on the plan or method you choose, you should spend some time researching popular online casinos that offer good opportunities depending on the type of game you want to play. No matter where you play, the real trap remains the same. Therefore, any increase in your default creates a real profit.
Free Action Games – There are online casinos that allow visitors to play games for fun without investing any money. If you’ve never sat down and played keno before, it’s always a good idea to take the time and play for an hour or two for free. It allows you to see how the game is played and to analyze the possible payouts as you design your particular plan.

Right attitude – Keno is like gambling. The odds are good for the house, so you are advised not to play keno. As mentioned above, this makes for a good casual game where you can play a few games and hope for luck. With the right attitude, your chances of profiting from the practice will be very high. Avoid playing too many max spots – There is no denying that the big reward of hitting 15 out of 15 or 10 out of 10 spots is very attractive. The truth is that these types of payments are given for a reason. If you want to play for a long time without hope of winning, no one can say that it is not worth taking a chance.

Play Multi-Game Tickets – When you find a set of numbers you like, you have the option to play one keno card for a specified number of games in a row. Since the drawing process always gives random results, there is no point in trying to predict the machine and failure in the right place. You can save time and effort by buying multiple game tickets, sit back and enjoy the action.

Play a small number of places – If you really want a reasonable chance of winning some money, you should consider playing a small number of places. Depending on the type of online casino, you can stick to playing 3-6 places regularly. Keno tends to be a fast game. Although playing small spots gives low returns, they happen often. The Origin of Lottery Games Explained

If you get motivated, you can hit 5-6 games in a row and get a nice little bankroll.
Calling numbers in clusters – For some inexplicable reason, numbers appear in clusters. With blind faith, you may want to call a small number. If you must use some tips about keno online, then playing a bunch is the best option than anything else you can consider.

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