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Sweden Will Participate in Nato’s Missile Defense Strategy

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The Swedish government wants the country to be part of NATO’s missile defense strategy, including the Baltic Air Force.

Sweden’s armed forces will also be ready to contribute to NATO’s defense of the Baltic states, Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said on Sunday. In his speech in Sälen, Kristersson gave an overview of the government’s views on how Sweden, as a NATO country, should contribute militarily to the defense.

Kristersson said that Sweden will participate in the 15-nation initiative for joint missile defense, which was presented at the NATO defense minister’s meeting in October, called the “European Sky Shield Initiative”. “The war in Ukraine shows the need for modern air defense to protect civilians and infrastructure,” Kristersson said.

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Air Guards

According to the Prime Minister, Sweden must contribute to NATO with “new powers, and our air force and air defense”, among other things. Kristersson also said that Sweden will be ready to help with NATO Air Policing, as well as NATO Air Patrols in the Black Sea and Iceland.

“This is a deal for all parties,” Kristersson stressed. Ground Combat Unit

The third contribution to NATO’s collective defense that Kristersson mentioned in his speech is that Sweden, like Denmark, Norway and other NATO countries, will be ready to help in the area of ​​ground combat. State.

Kristersson said that NATO strengthened the defense of the Baltic countries and Poland in 2017 and the defense of Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia after Russia invaded Ukraine last year. “This agreement shows the determination of the entire NATO to resist any attack. Sweden must be part of this decision,” said Kristersson.

Prime Minister Kristersson: Sweden cannot meet some of Turkey’s demands for NATO membership

Turkey, which has blocked applications from NATO members Sweden and Finland for months, has done something Sweden cannot accept, Sweden’s president said on Sunday 카지노사이트 주소.

Ulf Kristersson said during a security conference he attended. NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg. “We are confident that Turkey will make a decision, we don’t know when,” he said, adding that it will depend on domestic politics in Turkey and “Sweden’s ability to show that it is important”.

Sweden and Finland broke with decades of non-military cooperation and asked to join the US military in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February.

But Turkey refused to support their offer until both countries took action, including joining Turkey’s fight against outlawed Kurdish fighters. Many of Turkey’s requests relate to Sweden because of its strong ties to the Kurdish community.

Finland’s foreign minister said the country will join NATO at the same time as its neighbor. “Finland is not in such a hurry to join NATO that we can’t wait for Sweden to get the green light,” Pekka Haavisto told reporters at a Sunday conference.

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In late December, Turkey praised Sweden for being accountable for its security, but stressed that it was more important to get Ankara’s full support for Stockholm’s decision to quit the EU.

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