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Woman Gambling Addict Came Back From the Brink After Nearly Losing It All

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Christina Cook had never known about gambling addiction. Yet, she was at that point en route to being snared — ultimately losing almost a portion of 1,000,000 dollars and, nearly, her own life.

In 2007, at 28, the Tulsa, Okla., local was isolated from her most memorable spouse, lamenting the demise of her adored grandma and residing at home with her mom.

Then, at that point, her mother, with whom she is exceptionally close, had a respiratory failure.

Subsequent to hurrying her to the clinic, “I returned home to get her night robe and stuff to make her comfortable” reviewed Cook, presently 43. Returning, feeling “genuinely burdened,” Cook took a diversion — to Osage Country Casino in Sand Springs, outside Tulsa. The glimmering lights, well disposed countenances and expectation of a bonanza gave her a shock of help from pressure.

“I took a seat at a gaming machine and won a $1,201 big stake,” Cook reviewed. “My sister was calling me saying, ‘Where’s Mother’s stuff?’ However it was such a high.”

Feeling disgrace blended with rapture, Cook got back to the medical clinic with her mom’s things. “They were all frantic, asking me, ‘Where have you been?'” she recalled.a

“That is the point at which everything began to be confidential.”

Gambling would turn into Cook’s break from her battles with cervical disease, a hysterectomy and despondency that came from realizing she could never be an organic mother.

Next Part

“My companions all had babies,” she recollected. “I would have rather not paid attention to discuss showers and feedings, so I began going gambling Friday evenings.”

During long stretches of escalating addiction from 2008 to 2015, Cook, a deep rooted “accommodating person,” turned out to be sincerely engaged with her chief, whom she portrays as a “egomaniac.”

“He would let me know we were going out and afterward apparition me,” she reviewed. “He generally needed to meet late around evening time. He was about control, and he kept me feeling low, similar to I was unable to look adequate or get anything right.”

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She was at a work closeout where “they were selling cuts of strawberry cake,” her number one kind. It turned out to be her birthday and she told her sweetheart she planned to get a piece.

“He said, ‘You needn’t bother with that,'” she recollected. “Yet, I got a cut in any case.” Her sweetheart took a gander at her with disdain, declining to sit with her until the end of the evening.


“He did everything possible to disengage me which, thinking back, made it more straightforward for the addiction to do likewise,” Cook said. “Those machines had no assumptions for me. I just needed to take care of them to feel much better.”

Her gambling addiction deteriorated in the years she was with her harmful sweetheart, who would not meet her loved ones.

In the early long periods of her gambling addiction, Cook would frequently take a seat at a gaming machine (her round of decision) and “hit.”

She would wager a critical piece of her check, about $300, on paydays.

From the beginning, she had karma. “A few evenings it appeared as though I was totally ablaze,” she reviewed. “Each machine I sat at, I won. Individuals were shouting, ‘You’re so fortunate!’ and I began thinking, ‘Perhaps I’m.'”

However, she ended up pouring her rewards — and afterward some — back into the spaces. “The most recent couple of years it didn’t make any difference what I won, I wouldn’t leave with it.”

The most she at any point lost in one day was about $17,000.

“I had begun with $300,” she said. At a certain point, she had won $16,000 and $5,000 jackpots. “I recollect a casino specialist saying, “You’re returning home with this, right?”

She played it back in.

“I left with $4,000 of the $21,000 I had won. I took the $4,000 back the following day and lost it in addition to $2,000 of my own cash.”

On the whole, from 2008 to 2021, Cook gauges that she lost a portion of 1,000,000 dollars gambling.

She acquired from her mom and her sister in those years — cash she presently can’t seem to completely reimburse.

Her relationship with her twin, Michelle, became stressed in light of the fact that Michelle co-marked a vehicle credit for herself and Cook fell behind on the installments. “We had consistently helped one another … and afterward I did that,” she said. “She was unable to trust me. However she not even once caused me to feel like she wouldn’t show up for me.


“The last count of what I acquired from my mother was $8,000 and from Michelle, $5,000,” she said. “The genuine numbers are likely higher. I would agree, ‘My vehicle’s stalled’ — for the fifth time — or ‘Somebody took my wallet.’ Once, my mother said, ‘You ought to win an Oscar in light of the fact that these untruths are getting more ridiculous.'”

She additionally owed $35,000 in back charges, $15,000 in Visa obligation, $7,000 in clinical obligation, and $3,000 in random obligation.

Her mom attempted to convince her to find support. “She let me know she needed to show up for me when I hit absolute bottom,” Cook reviewed.

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In any case, Cook was trying to claim ignorance, portraying her gambling addiction as “financial problems.”

She cut off her harmful friendship and met a “decent nice person” on in 2015. He coexisted with her loved ones. They got hitched. His acknowledgment, and consideration, were particularly alluring characteristics after her past relationship; be that as it may, she was as yet a junkie having a twofold existence.

Last Resort

“He didn’t address why we never hung out on Friday evenings,” she said.

In January 2021, “crippled” by obligation and nervousness, Cook quit gambling out of the blue.

She didn’t end up in a seemingly impossible situation, be that as it may, until Walk 6.

“I had a terrible day at work,” she said. “I blew my entire check, my significant other’s check, and all that we had saved in the bank. I put down my last wagered soon after 12 PM.

“After I left the casino the morning of Walk 6, I was unable to see an exit plan and I was considering ways I could take my life so I wouldn’t be such a weight to individuals in my day to day existence,” said Cook. “There’s a major bridge that goes from the casino to my home. I was thinking, ‘Might I at any point drive off it?’

“I would truly not liked to take my life, I needed to end the addiction that had turned into my life.

“I felt, ‘I won’t ever be relieved, I’ll continue to destroy my life, my day to day’s life,'” she said.

As she continued looking for assets to help other people, she contacted, an organization giving programming to hinder web based gambling locales. It’s an asset she suggests as a “great instrument” for individuals battling with internet gambling addiction, which is on the ascent.

She needs habitual players, including ladies, to realize that assistance and recuperation are accessible.

“When tell the truth, there’s no assurance individuals won’t forsake you, yet there is help,” she said. “It’s tied in with building a day to day existence you don’t have to escape from.”

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