Monday Jan 30, 2023

Best Gambling Stories – Winnings are Twice as Sweet as Earnings

As Paul Newman said in the movie “The Color of Money” in 1986 – “Money earned is twice as sweet as money earned”. We totally agree and that’s why we decided to write a few lines about some of the coolest sports stories out there. Stories of very lucky people, people who became gambling legends […]

Woman Gambling Addict Came Back From the Brink After Nearly Losing It All

Christina Cook had never known about gambling addiction. Yet, she was at that point en route to being snared — ultimately losing almost a portion of 1,000,000 dollars and, nearly, her own life. In 2007, at 28, the Tulsa, Okla., local was isolated from her most memorable spouse, lamenting the demise of her adored grandma […]

Jackpot: a Chilean Casino Bet Under $5 Becomes a Winner for the Bettor

A Chilean gambler visited a local casino last Saturday and walked away with an early Christmas present. Everyone who plays golf, even if it’s only in the back of their mind, hopes to hit the mark, this 50-year-old woman did. The woman, identified by the Soy Chile media 카지노사이트 company only as “MMC” visited the […]

“Charles Barkley Lost $30 Million to Gambling”: the Former Suns Legend Lost Millions of Dollars Throughout the Course of His Career Due to His Inability to Resist Gambling

Charles Barkley amassed millions of dollars throughout his tremendously prosperous NBA career. However, he lost a lot of that money due to a gambling addiction. Gambling wasn’t the only problem Charles Barkley struggled with. In fact, it’s not unusual for an athlete to gamble. Many experts believe that an athlete’s competitive style contributes to their […]

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