Monday Jan 30, 2023

It’s Not Science Fiction: NASA Funds These Mind-Blowing Projects

MIKE LAPOINTE has the enviable task of figuring out how to bring space exploration into the future of science fiction. He and his colleagues are supporting critical, high-paying projects through NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts, or NIAC, a program that last week announced grants to 14 teams investigating critical concepts. Most of them won’t. But some […]

Bowery Farming Brings Technology to the Table

The diet is flexible. Changing consumer food preferences and eating habits are driving a shift from commodity-driven, mass-driven supply chains to processed foods, integrated foods and agricultural systems. Adapting to this dynamic environment requires us to rethink the food system where technology enables innovation, consumer demand drives innovation, and sustainability shapes investment decisions. — from […]

Dark Web Criminals See the Internet of Things as the Next Big Prize in Hacking

Cyber ​​security experts say that 2022 could be a turning point due to the rapid spread of IoT (Internet of Things) devices. There are approximately 17 billion IoT devices in the world today, from printers to garage door openers, each with software (some open source) that can to meet quickly. Cars and medical devices are […]

The African Development Bank Unveiled the African Foundation for Pharmaceutical Technology

The African Development Bank has launched its new initiative to partner with the African Union to strengthen Africa’s capacity to produce medicines, vaccines, research and treatment in a cost-effective supply chain, to help strengthen its pharmaceutical sector. The African Pharmaceutical Technology Foundation (APTF) is the focus of a conference organized by the African Development Bank […]

How Does Malware Affect the Internet of Things (IoT)?

In the event that YOU HAVE ANY Web OF THINGS (IOT) Viable Gadgets, YOU ARE Helpless TO MALWARE Assaults. Look into What MALWARE IS Meaning for IOT AND How YOU Might Safeguard YOURSELF FROM Assaults HERE.New improvements in IoT innovation have made gadgets, for example, Google Home become more well known. Apple Self-fix Administration Comes […]

Apple Self-fix Administration Comes to Uk

Apple is carrying out its self-fix administration to the UK and seven other European nations on Tuesday. iPhone 12 and 13 clients, and some Macbook proprietors, will actually want to fix their own gadgets by purchasing parts and apparatuses and watching on the web instructional exercises. Yet, the tech monster cautioned that assuming the maintenance […]

What Exactly is Neuralink, and How Does It Work?

Neuralink is an innovation that can assist people with interfacing with machines thinking carefully. Elon Musk’s aggressive venture of interfacing the human mind to the web to assist with controlling machines is nearly at the phase of being delivered for business use. All the more conspicuously known as Neuralink, the organization will reveal more updates […]

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