9 Reasons Why Making a Living Playing Poker Isn’t as Profitable as It Seems

Becoming a professional poker player is a dream for many poker enthusiasts. They assume the lifestyle is glamorous and imagine playing golf by day and spending gambles at night.

Unfortunately, the reality of being a professional poker 먹튀검증 player is far less glamorous. While it pains me to say it, becoming a professional poker player may not be as profitable as it seems.

Most poker pros spend their days making just enough to survive. Not all professionals are in the limelight of the true elite.

9 Reasons Poker Won’t Make You Rich

Here are the top nine reasons why a poker career may not be for you.

  1. profit for profit
  2. Not as beneficial as other players say
  3. sponsorship is important
  4. destructive poker swing
  5. Tough competition
  6. traveling expenses
  7. no fixed income
  8. zero profit
  9. It’s a career not a game
  1. Profit matters

People often confuse victory with profit. This fact applies to all professionals competing for prize money. I have a buddy who is a professional athlete on such an arrangement. He competes in weekly tournaments but only won about $20,000 this year.

You look at it and think he’s on his way to making $40,000 doing what he loves… There are millions of much worse ways to make a living.
So it will probably be under $20,000. Winnings and earnings are not to be confused when measuring the success of a poker player.

Let’s say you win $ 1,000,500 in a poker tournament, but your entry fee is $ 1 million. The prize pool won in the tournament is quite impressive, but the winnings are much less, $ 500. An extreme example, but the point is valid.

Profit is an indicator that many professional poker players don’t like to see in public.

2. Other poker players embellish victory

People generally underestimate their successes and overestimate their failures. Poker players are no different in this regard.

So when you hear about the guy at your country club who quit his job to become a poker star, expect increased earnings to be the standard report.

You’ll probably have to leave the building to avoid hearing about his big score in a regional event that gave him five figures. However, when the cards cool down and lose $ 30,000 a month, they don’t move much.

Don’t fall in love with someone shopping in Bologna.

  1. Sponsors are important to cover tournament fees

One of the most important avenues 카지노 for aspiring poker professionals is to find sponsors or people to attend events. This arrangement is beneficial to the player as he does not have to spend much of his own money to participate in the events. Sponsors receive a fair refund when a player successfully completes an event or other form of payment.
This kind of arrangement only fuels the fire of players who grossly exaggerate their earning power. No one would risk stealing ketchup packets from deli to make tomato soup for dinner after they run out of money.

Therefore, players lie about how much they win. Despite what you might believe from watching TV, most poker professionals make their money gambling. It’s very difficult when you’re trying to see how much money someone is making in poker.

  1. Poker swings can be deadly

The ups and downs of professional gambling can seriously hurt a player’s money. A professional poker player should always be wary of the unimaginable that can happen.

Imagine winning $10,000 at a local event. You will undoubtedly live on cloud nine; The urge to waste something unnecessary is understandable.

The massive swings that poker players experience can be disastrous. Even some of poker’s biggest stars have disappeared from the limelight, dismissing their luck as nothing.

  1. The competition at the top is fierce
    One of the biggest obstacles between an aspiring poker pro and his dream money is competition.

Poker is primarily a game of skill, and in order to win at the top level, you’ve got to be one of the dozen or so best players on the planet at any given time. You can grind out a modest income by beating up on the tourists at your local casino if you’re a great player.

Still, you’ll never get to the millionaire’s club without being elite. I’ve seen a handful of great players head for Las Vegas with dollar signs in their eyes and a dream in their heart, only to return 3 months later completely dejected.

Don’t assume you can compete with the best players on the planet until you’ve shown sustainable success on their level. 6. Travel gets expensive with your money

Being a poker pro gets expensive. You have to travel regularly to play big money tournaments.
This is going to cost. Depending on your tastes and eating habits, a large portion of your profits could be swallowed up by expenses.

So before you call your spouse and promise new cars and a new house, consider all the variables. This point goes back to profit versus profit.
It should be understood that the monthly travel costs will be in the thousands, not hundreds.

  1. There is no guaranteed steady stream of income

Even the biggest poker 카지노사이트 추천 stars in the world at one time had to face the fact that they would go bankrupt if they didn’t perform.

Becoming a professional poker player is not the usual 9 to 5 as you show up on Days 1 and 15, work and get your check. You no longer have a guaranteed income for your work. A professional poker player’s salary depends on his performance.

Some poker players like to get off the table when they win big. As an expert, you should drive this hot rally as far as possible.

There is no guarantee you will get another chance for weeks or months. So, it doesn’t matter how tired you are of playing Texas Holdem or how badly you want to go out for a drink and unwind.

When the poker gods are smiling at you, you must continue pushing.

Fortunately, It Won’t Impact Your Game

Well, it shouldn’t impact your game. If you’re going to be one of the top pros in your area or aspire to be one of the best on the planet, you don’t need to focus on anything but yourself.

I’m not suggesting you ignore family and friends while you are launching your career. I’m just pointing out that you don’t have to worry about what other players are doing off the table or how to fulfill your prescription contact orders.

The only thing that matters on the table is your opponent and your cards. Playing poker without unnecessary clutter can make all the difference in the world.

So don’t let the uncertainty of the exam overwhelm the subtle beauty of the game.

So, is becoming a professional poker player worth it?

Being a professional poker player may not be as lucrative as it seems, but there are many benefits to be gained from such a career choice. Don’t be afraid of the first difficulties. Every job on this planet has its drawbacks.

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