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Anti-Trump Republicans Are Becoming More vocal: “He’s Less Relevant Every Time”

ATHENS — Sen. Raphael Warnock’s reelection victory for the Democrats on Wednesday forced Republicans to face the red wave that didn’t happen as they turned nervously to 2024 and the growing fissures within their own party over former President Donald Trump.

Warnock’s 2-1/2 percent victory over Herschel Walker in the Senate race left Democrats with a 51-49 upper house majority, a one-seat advantage. It happened despite a dire prediction of a bloody amnesty for President Joe Biden’s party. He was quick to point the finger at Republicans either way: Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader accused by his critics of neglecting or underestimating Republican Senate candidates; and Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, Chairman of the National Republican Senate Committee, who many believe is wrong the Republican campaign arm of the Senate; and Walker himself, for hiding and lying about the past, only to see the details slowly turn on during his campaign.

But for the few Republicans, those emboldened by re-election or retirement to say it out loud, the worst thing is Trump. Increasingly vocal, they criticized him for promoting unpopular candidates including Walker, dividing his party and turning many voters against the GOP for the election process. three.

“I think it’s not always necessary,” said the senator. John Cornyn, R-Texas, spoke about the former president, who released a third White House post.

“It’s just one more piece of data in the big data that makes Trump think bad for Republicans,” the senator said. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, a retired Republican who was brought back to the Democrats by Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman. Trump’s campaign aides responded strongly, with the back and forth likely to be repeated for the foreseeable future. Steven Cheung, communications adviser to the former president, said that they “will not learn from the political swamp beasts who are looking for a way to get a quick win in 2024 by running to the media and providing a free explanation”.

Midterm losses like Walker not only dashed the GOP’s lofty hopes of regaining control of the Senate, but also signaled the party’s strong rise. Voters in several presidential states strongly reject candidates aligned with the former president, causing losses to Republicans in the race 카지노사이트 추천 to win in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Hampshire and, finally, in Georgia.

Trump’s influence is undeniable in rural areas, said Rusty Paul, the Republican mayor of Sandy Springs, a developing city north of Atlanta. Paul admits that while it is almost entirely rich, almost the entire country is becoming more racially, ethnically and economically diverse, favoring it for the Democrats.

“These are all things, but the most important thing is Trumpism,” he said. He continued, speaking from the northern edge of the capital city of Atlanta in Cobb County, “There is a long and hard defense in the north area, Cobb, North Fulton – if Trump does not intervene, they still will Republican vote.” sunset. . “And if they feel Trump’s influence, they will vote against him.”

Trump loyalists in Georgia and others have disputed the investigation. Former President Newt Gingrich, who represented many of these districts for years as a House Republican, slammed a list of things on Trump’s side, down to Walker’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ mockery three days before the second round of the election. . It’s the GOP against the media, Big Tech, Hollywood and the social power system, he said. “We underestimate the heights we are trying to climb,” he said.

But Gingrich also spoke of the prospect of a 2024 disaster, as Trump supporters cynically split him from the anti-Trump wing of the party, in the same way that conservatives in 1964 supported Barry Goldwater and moderates supported Nelson Rockefeller. “My biggest fear is that we end up with the 1964 split” that paralyzed Republicans in Congress, he said in an interview Wednesday. “I can imagine a Trump-against-Trump war over the next two years that guarantees Biden’s election at the border and ensures that the Democrats control everything.”

Emerging from the center, the anti-Trump wing has plenty of ammunition to undermine his case. Two of Georgia’s most prominent Republican standard-bearers, Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, easily won re-election, in part because of their refusal to support the former president’s lies. that it was stolen from the state in 2020. Their resistance convinced Republican-leaning voters that they were not on board with Trump’s insults.

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In contrast, Walker, who was dissuaded from running by the former president and had previously said he intended to vote for president, lost ground in nearly every district. in the past few years. Four weeks between election day and November 21. 8 on Tuesday’s race day, according to a New York Times analysis.

Republicans fared less well in the runoff race in Warnock and Kemp’s primary support districts, in areas dominated by college graduates, in urban and suburban areas, affluent suburbs, and black and suburban areas. Hispanic. The only constituencies where it held sway were in rural areas and non-college voting districts. Walker, a first-time candidate and former football player, had several comments that had nothing to do with Trump. His campaign was repeatedly affected by damaging revelations that would have removed others from the race, including allegations of domestic violence, unaccompanied minors and two for abortion.

And beyond the horn, there are other factors that are changing the political landscape of Georgia: the immigration and emigration 온라인카지노 of voters of color from across the country, the movement of black voters into political activity from in the center of Atlanta to the nearby and remote areas, where they did their organizing work, and the beginnings of white women like the real estate agent Jennifer Haggard and the life of Sandy Springer, who removed the idea of ​​​​repentance Conscious politics.

“I’m a white Republican who has become a real swing voter,” Haggard said after voting for Warnock. He cited Trump as a priority, but happily chose Warnock.

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In the face of pro-Democratic tendencies, Republicans in Georgia have not been able to appoint a senator who can support both the hyperconservative base and its moderate part – a group that many GOP members say is still the majority of voters. state hand. This fall extends to Georgia. The first-time Republican candidates arrived at the center of Trump’s idea to capture his voters, and so far, they have not been able to swing back in the right direction to regain the center in the general election.

“Even if you hold all the Trump voters, you’re going to be able to win the primary, but you’re not going to win the general election in this business, you’re going to win the election before you can govern,” Cornyn said. , who has questioned Trump over the years. “It’s not like coming second and getting a trophy like you did in college for participation.”

For many voters loyal to Trump, the question may come down to whether they are willing to take a cold test of eligibility or follow their heart. Republican voices arguing for appropriations are growing louder.

Paul Ryan, a Republican former speaker of the House, said in an interview on SiriusXM that “Donald Trump has clearly given us more things to lose to make our members understand that we have to go forward if we are to win. “We should not leave the country on the left by electing an unelected person like Donald Trump.”

Even Walker’s team seems to understand that Trump is a drag on the candidate in the final week of the race. As the former president mocked the Georgia visit, Trump aides were working with Walker’s campaign to convince him to scrap the in-person rally and instead hold the event over the phone. Walker did not mention Trump frequently in his campaign speeches.

And in his last acceptance speech, he did not mention the name of the former president. Jack Kingston, a former House Republican from the Savannah area, argued that Trump’s influence was overblown. In 2021, as Georgia’s two congressional races go to the races, President Trump opposes election fraud, showing Republicans that their votes won’t count, he said. This time, he wasn’t quite there.

“I’m not going to say that Donald Trump’s invisible hand is telling Herschel Walker what to do,” Kingston said Wednesday. “He’s his own person.”

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