Best Short Game Advice From Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods’ short game is arguably the best of all time; he has an unrivaled ability to transform a challenging greenside shot into an unforgettable moment. Fortunately, over the years, he has revealed some of his best kept secrets to Golf Digest. Tiger’s advice will undoubtedly improve how you approach these crucial shots, even though it might take some time for your short game to reach top rank.

Know your greens

Preparation is important in golf. It may seem boring to take time to list the top and the vacation time, but it is obviously very important for tourists. It can also help reduce knocks in your game. “Make a note of where the holes go, paying attention to breaks and grain directions,” Tiger says. “You’ll feel more comfortable at the top and add more.”

Try the Tiger method on your home course: do a general survey of each green (slope, speed, level) and note down the potential holes. Also record the breaks and putts you face. Over time, you will slow down your thinking, which should be less if you play the same series over and over again. As Tiger suggests, being comfortable will bring out the best in you.

Keep your eyes on the ball

We’ve all been there. You are in the middle of your period and suddenly you lose contact. Regardless of the problem, the chances are that the inconsistency comes from something that is small and, more importantly, easy to fix. “Good posture and proper eye alignment are the two most important elements of a consistent stroke. Every time I fight on the surface, I can find the cause of the error in one or two of the those places,” says Woods. This mishap is often corrected by ball and stretch. Try to fix the Tiger gear and stay upright at address. This will keep your eyes on the ball, keep your arms hanging over your shoulders and help you regain your feeling.

Make your hands easy on pressure points

Standing on a big putt can put pressure on your game and your grip. Rent a pair of Woods tips and putts that use a light, flexible grip to help you feel more comfortable than the tough testers. A soft grip will allow you to free up the putter’s head, which Woods says is important in high-lighting. “The pressure I hold on the average green circuit is probably 5 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest,” says Woods.

Even though the height of your home may be slower than those on the tour, that does not mean that your grip pressure should be different. Woods uses lead tape on the bottom of his putter while aiming for a slower pitch. He says the tape helps him find consistent hits no matter where he plays. Find time to train with pressure easier than you used to – think Tiger 5. Keep in mind that it is important to know every change of grip, including the level of your tension, before you use it in the system .

Clean your chipping contacts

The driving chip is a shot that every golfer should have. When there are many active greens, this is the best percentage of the game to make the ball closer. Get confident on those short swings by supporting yourself with arms straight, wrists up, so you feel like the clubhead is pointing down. Woods used this patch in 2007 and said at the time, “It makes hard contact easier, especially on dangerous lies. It also helped me improve my running. Keeping your toes in place will allow you to swing straight and turn the ball quickly. With your page always showing up, you can start reading these images as you will put to get the ball closer.

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Stop scooping your chips

You don’t want to waste two good shots on the green by putting a bad putt. If you find yourself doing big chunks or showing off those big shots every time, you can turn your hand to influence. Instead of getting frustrated, focus on letting your right hand rest on the landing and backhand, and get everything moving together as you swing. “Make sure your hands and arms are moving forward during the run,” Tiger said. Tiger Tips: How to Simplify Your Logo (May 2000)

Avoid strong green leaves

Playing golf with a penalty doesn’t mean your score will suffer. Woods has developed his own technique for navigating the rough edges around the surface. Tiger explains, “I play it like a bomb and I hit the ball an inch or two behind the ball, depending on how bad the lie is and how long I want to carry the ball,” Tiger explains. explains.

According to Tiger, the key to hitting this gun is keeping your face open at impact. (You may have to push the club a little harder to achieve this.) Tiger says he puts the ball like a normal chip, but takes a straight backswing to avoid the grass. From bottom to top, the club will pass through the grass due to the open face. “My goal is to roll it a long way, unless I’m lucky enough to hit it.”

Beat a small part of the sand

We all watch and measure as the tour player turns a short-close bunker shot – automatic bogey for most of us – into an achievable putt for easy back-out. With the skill of Tiger, you will be able to close your sandbox. “I grip the club a little more in my fingers to get more flip in my release,” he says.

On these little touch shots, imitate Tiger’s technique: Put the ball forward while maintaining an open stance, and turn the clubface until it is pointing at the target.

The secret, according to Woods, is to accelerate your clubhead through impact. I use my right hand to really shoot the club through.

According to Tiger, the ball will come out.

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