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Las Vegas Sands Casino Case Against Chinese Vip Players Reveals Possible Flaws

Las Vegas Sands Casino case against Chinese VIP players reveals possible flaws

Las Vegas Sands Corp is seeking to collect $6.4 million in gambling debts from two Chinese VIP players. Who wasted millions in days playing baccarat.

A game extremely popular among Chinese players.

According to a Reuters investigative report, Meie Sun, 52, and Xiufei Yang, 59.

And also, are they accused of failing to return funds they received at the Venetian Palace and Strip casinos after singing a promissory note.

Lowenstein & Weatherwax LLP and Fabian VanCott.

The two law firms representing the defendant. Threw a curve ball in court after alleging that Meie Sun.

And Xiufei Yang were not actual VIP players but 카지노사이트 merely local Sands Corp executives

In conclusion , to take high-value loans and then wire the money to VIP players at the table to keep their names on the books.

Summary Las Vegas Sands

Attorneys for both companies allege that Sands Corp.

Violated federal anti-money laundering laws. During the trial.
Which is why the two women were in fact the victims.

Moreover, defense attorneys asked the court to drop all charges.

Sands Corp chairman Ron Reese dismissed the allegations as a smokescreen.

Otherwise, saying there was no real evidence that Sands Corp hired the two women as employees

Beforehand, in a statement, Reese said in a statement:

“Once there is credible evidence that an employee colluded. We will immediately take action as per our policies.

But even scenarios involving ‘company’ employees will still not be debt-free.”

Ultimately, those people will have 메리트카지노 to sign the credit and repay the debt.

However, the case highlighted the fact that casinos in Vegas.

Can have many loopholes that allow money laundering.

In recent years, casinos in Las Vegas have focused on the Asian market

especially mainland China and high rollers who enjoy high stakes baccarat games.

According to casino consulting firm Marketing. Baccarat is one of the games in Las Vegas over the past decade.

And 90% of all Las Vegas baccarat games for Asian players.

According to reports, the parts are procured from mainland China.

Furthermore, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) knows.

Thus, closely monitors casinos as targets for money laundering.

The big summer poker event kicks off in Las Vegas.

As summer approaches, many poker players are gearing up for the upcoming World Series of Poker Championship (WSOP).

Additionally, WSOP is a very popular online poker series with lots of action.

And of course gold bracelet events. In addition to the series.

There are big events going on in places like The Venetian.

Wynn Las Vegas and ARIA along with other Sin City casinos.

Nonetheless, it’s an exciting time for poker in the city 007카지노 right now.

And there really is something for everyone. Watch some series below.

Venetian and Wynn Resorts

Secondly, The Venetian is already in full swing with poker action. Having launched the DeepStack Championship Poker Series on May 2.

The series will continue through July 31 with 133 events on the schedule.

Players can compete for over $22 million in guaranteed prize money!

There are several key events on the schedule including the

World Poker Tour Venetian Las Vegas NLH Main Event on July 12.

This event features a $4 million prize pool and a $5,000 buy-in.

The tournament series will also feature two Mid-States Poker Tour events.

For The Wynn Las Vegas, the casino’s poker room is offering its Wynn Summer Classic.

This series has dozens of events and offers a whopping $16.5 million prize money.

Players can compete through July 20.

Thus, players with a higher bankroll can compete in the No-Limit Hold’em Championship. A tournament that kicks off on June 24.

And has a buy-in of $3,500. A total of $3.5 million is available for this event alone.

The first ever BetMGM Poker Championship

With many casinos offering their traditional poker tournaments, ARIA is preparing to host.

its first BetMGM poker tournament. The event is scheduled for June 23-26

It will feature four days of BetMGM poker.

And also, the tournament is part of the Aria Poker Classic, which begins June 1st and ends June 17th.

Consistently, the series consists of around 50 events and includes different types of poker.

Prize money of over $3.5 million will be available.

BetMGM Poker will offer a minimum of 15 prize packages.

Since US players in markets where the brand offers poker to participate in the tournament.

In addition to the tournament event, BetMGM Poker will also offer a $600 BetMGM.

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