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Students of Seton Hall Reflect at the Center for Sports Media Gala

On September 15, Robin Roberts, host of ABC’s Good Morning America, was honored by the Center for Sports Media for his distinguished career with the Lifetime Professional Achievement Award at the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers in New York City. The event brought together scholars and members of the Seton Hall community to celebrate Robin Roberts and the creation of the Center.

Joining many sports media professionals and administrators at the event, Seton Hall students were asked to contribute, create social media content and make meaningful connections with attendees. Twenty students from the College of Communication and Arts, the Stillman School of Business and the Buccino Leadership Institute had the opportunity to attend.

“Being able to attend the Sports Media Gala is something we will always be grateful for,” Claire Wolfe ’23 said of the event. “Hearing advice from someone as influential as Robin Roberts reminded me to be ambitious, stay motivated, and be willing to do whatever it takes to get where you want to go.” Through Sports To Disciplines, Spring To Winter, Things To Carry out In Minneapolis

Nick Morgan ’26 shares the same feeling of being grateful to attend the event. While only on campus for a few weeks, Morgan was excited to take advantage of the opportunity, saying, “Just three weeks into my college career, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Seton Hall alumni and leaders. others in sports media. It’s a company I look up to. It’s great to hear about the future of the Sports Media Center and I look forward to enjoying it during my time here.”

The Media Gala also showcased the Center’s interdisciplinary mission. Arianna Weling ’23, a double majoring in marketing and English, gained a lot from her involvement in the program.

“Robin Roberts provided insightful advice and guidance that I will remember forever – personally and professionally,” Weling said. “Overall, the event was a unique experience. Being surrounded by some smart, hard-working and successful people in sports was a privilege and changed the way I look at my ambitions. in the near future.”

The panel discussion, “Pirates on Deck”, provided insight into the sports broadcast experience on the Seton Hall campus. Left to right: Jane McManus, Fox sports broadcaster and reporter John Fanta ’17, Wilnir Louis ’21 and Belle Wiseman ’25. Photo by Domenico Crincoli 카지노사이트

The event also featured a panel discussion that brought together former and current students at Seton Hall to discuss the students’ experiences of sports broadcasting on campus and the direction they envision for the future of the Center. “I am honored to have the opportunity to be on the panel to discuss my experience at Seton Hall and how I became involved with the Pirate Sports Network,” Wiseman said. “I’m excited to share the amazing experience I’ve had on campus, and I can’t wait to see what other amazing opportunities this center will bring”

If you miss the Center for Sports Media gala, you can watch the Pirates on Deck roundtable with Robin Roberts accepting the award. You can also learn more about the Center for Sports Media on its website.

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