Types of Poker Players

Types of Poker Players: How to Use Your Opponent’s Style to Defeat Him

One thing you need to know in order to improve your game is the different types of poker players. It’s a basic skill, so you can figure out which categories your opponents fall into, and then use that information to decide how you move.

If you do not make this connection with your opponents, you will find that you are doing good against some opponents, but bad against others.

So let’s take a look at the four main categories of poker players:

Freely Aggressive

This type of player always raises before and after the flop and plays more hands. They are less picky in their starting combinations and play a lot of hands. The way 에볼루션게이밍 he pays for not holding good cards and in many cases not having a winning hand is aggressive and puts opponents to fold.

The way to play against these types of players is to be tight and wait for your best combinations. If you increase your bonus hands, you get paid well with this type of player, so the value of handing over your hands is marginal and you allow him to win 10 small pots and then take one big pot from him with your premium hand.

The problem with these types of players is that they break easily. The better online players like to play against this type of players. Because they know that a big payday is approaching. This does not mean that there are not many good Loose-Aggressive players, but most weaker players who try to play Tight-Aggressive but make mistakes, play a lot of starting cards, 카지노사이트 and play aggressively at the wrong time.

Freely Passive

This is the category most recognizable by the term “fish”. This is a very weak category of players and over time the players will disappear. This type of player will play more hands and then continue to call bets, even if the right game is folded or raised. That’s why they’re sometimes called ‘Call Stations’. These types of players rely on luck and do not have a good poker session without it. They reject (or simply do not know) the bank’s options and call bets if they do not have the opportunity.

That’s why this category of players can eventually become a losing player – after all, you can’t always be lucky!


Strictly Passive

This type of player knows which starting combinations to play and which not, which means that they play very well before the flop. Where this type of player sometimes fails, they can’t always protect their hands. They are more inclined to control and shout than raise, and this sometimes. gives other players the right opportunity to try to hit a tie. Another real disadvantage of this style of play is that you can easily read the player. If betting usually means they have one hand, 카지노사이트 추천 you will rarely encounter this type of player bluffing.

This type of player can always earn due to the number of bad players on the internet, but they will suffer against good players.


Here at Poker Professor, we believe this is the most successful and profitable category for poker players. This does not mean that other different players will not gain their advantage. Or that you do not have to modify your style to ever play as a player in another category, but we feel that style should be the standard of your strategy. play. That’s why we teach this style of play at our university.

This type of player knows the initial strength of the hands and only plays with the right hands starting in the right positions. This player is aggressive when he is in the pot and bets and raises when the right time is done to squeeze an opponent.

This style is very effective against passive players and can also be very effective against free players. Due to the possibility of holding the best hand that played the starting cards correctly.

These types of players play odds in their favor by playing better starting combinations and then defending their hands and playing aggressively after the flop at the right time. Eventually, this type of player becomes a useful poker player.

Strictly Aggressive (TAG)

Strictly aggressive players are more selective when it comes to pre-flop hands, but when they enter the pot, they play aggressively. This is the most common style you will see using a winning player.

Players who usually play in the ‘TAG’ style are players who have experience with the games they play and play them regularly. Most professional players play some form of this style of play, but they vary depending on the type of game they play.

This style is widely used, so it is expected to appear in any format. However, the format you usually see in style uses cash games, where the basic sound is necessary to be a winning player.

Loose Passive (Calling Station)

Free passive players play a wide range of starting combinations, but they do not play aggressively, they often play before the flop and call / check several times after the flop.

This style is used only by weaker players, because with this strategy it is almost impossible to win in the long run. Players who play this style are called “call stations” because they fold less and are more likely to call more hands after the flop.

There’s no good reason to play this kind of style – if you find yourself playing this way, take a moment and change it!

Close Passive (stone)

Strictly passive players will play a narrow range of starting hands, but will never play aggressively, so they will make many twists and check / call post-flops before the flop. This is another strategy used by weak players, usually people who are afraid of losing and do not want to put money into the pot without a good card. At the extreme end of the spectrum is the hyper-thread, which plays only the highest few percent of the hands before the flop and continues only after the flop when they have defeated the top pair.

The only reason to play this kind of strategy is when you’re playing a game full of maniacs, where you’ll know that if you make a big hand, the pots will blow for you – but even so, it’s likely that playing the ‘TAG’ style could be useful.


It’s not right that you only play one style at a time. Each of the above styles can have their advantages when played at the right time, and you should always adapt your style to the situation at the table you are playing at.

But it is important to identify and mark your opponents as one of the above types so that you can adjust your playing style against them.

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