What Will the Sport Betting Community Look Like?

A famous gambling man says that you should think that everyone is lying to you all the time. This rule also seems to apply to online sports betting disputes.

Circa Casino in downtown Las Vegas, home to the largest sports betting site in the world, has 120-by-40-foot television screens, three floors of stadium-style seating and a pool with larger screens. you can rent a cabana. for five hundred dollars a day. The expensive Las Vegas area is usually full of sweaty men in designer clothes trying to seduce women in the VIP section of the club, but, when I went to Circa last Sunday for eight hours of football betting maniacs, customers are usually young. , men in sweats and wearing ugly football shirts, backpacks they can buy on Instagram, and baseball caps they wear backwards.

Circa opened two years ago and is, according to the Nevada Independent, “the first restaurant and casino in nearly four decades.” (Downtown is home to some of the oldest casinos, such as the Golden Nugget and Binion’s; the Strip is where you’ll find big resorts like the Bellagio and the Venetian.) The idea of ​​a casino is built around sports betting. may seem strange for several reasons: in 2021, sports betting accounted for less than 1.5% of total gambling in casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, while slot machines accounted for almost if 60%. If you think every square foot of a casino is designed to make money, building a big house where guys watch the N.F.L. for hours just like, maybe, sweat a twenty dollar bet seems much less pragmatic than sticking to the slot machine, which allows bettors to run out of money at a very fast rate, usually and many serious opposition.

Circa opened at a time when online sports betting, which is now legal in more than 20 states and the District of Columbia, is on the rise across the United States. This means that Circa not only faces stiff competition from cash-strapped competitors like DraftKings, FanDuel, and Caesars, but it’s also trying to sell an in-person experience that can be old. For my four friends and I, renting one of Circa’s “Millionaire’s Row” ballrooms in the NFL. Sunday requires a minimum of twenty-five hundred dollars for food and drinks, with a mandatory price of five hundred dollars. Instead of betting on our phones in front of our own televisions, on our own sofas, we line up to place bets at the window. Some of the latest innovations in gambling, which include live betting, where you can bet between games, and the details of betting, where you can string together multiple bets for a big day payment, is difficult to find in a brick- and mortar casino like Circa. In one application you can also bet on everything from the South American football championship and the cricket world championship to the political race, which does not give many of them to the bookmaker Circa and maybe not Las Vegas sports book is small. When Will Sports Betting Become Legal in California?

In an interview with the press, Derek Stevens, the owner of Circa, seems to have little reason to build here. And here’s my take: Stevens was interested, perhaps rightly so, in the idea that gambling would open up what was once an underground culture. The betting app isn’t really its competition, but it’s a marketing vehicle that can help attract people to its casino, especially for big events like March Madness and the Super Bowl. He created, in essence, the Disney world of sports betting, where large groups of people visit many times in their lives and collect everything from bets to cabanas and spa packages. All he needs to make the vision work is a nation of sports fans willing to open their wallets. Creating a nation of sports vendors would presumably require the participation of the most populous state in the country. (Thirty percent of Las Vegas visitors last year came from California.) The state has two measures to approve sports betting on the November ballot. Plan 26 will allow sports betting, but only on racetracks and traditional racing systems. Proposition 27 would legalize online sports betting, and parts of it could lead to things like the highly commercialized, app-based gambling blitzes we saw in New York and New Jersey .

Proponents and opponents of both plans have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising to Californians; this caused a lot of confusion among the voters. No one seems to know what the plan is to do, which is supported by the tribes – a significant political concern, especially with the opportunity to continue to be useless – or even what The bill will definitely happen. The YESon27 website, for example, talks a bit about sports betting. Instead, it focuses only on the fact that the debt will help reduce homelessness through a 10% monthly state tax on sports betting: the money will first be used to cover administrative costs, but, after that, 85 percent of the money will be available. to the homeless, the remaining 15 percent will be distributed to Native Americans who are not involved in sports betting.

Most of the money to stop Prop 27 came from a tribe of gambling operators who, along with a grand coalition that included California’s Democratic and Republican parties, raised everything from the addiction of gambling on your phone to tribal government. problem.

Their argument is based on the idea that online gambling is much worse than going to the casino itself, which, of course, is completely acceptable. In fact, the big race gambling seems to be saying that betting in itself is so good that everyone should support Prop 26 and allow sports betting, but only on racing and, of course, in their casinos.

All this is stupid and dishonest. Some use the problem of homelessness as a cover to support legal sports betting applications; the other says that only they can provide a good gaming experience. There is no well-defined plan – the election of U.C. Berkeley recently showed that only twenty-seven percent of voters support proposal 27, a response that is only slightly worse than that of proposal 26, which receives the support of only thirty-one percent of the people can vote. . The lack of strong support has caused supporters of Prop 27, which include major app companies like FanDuel and DraftKings, to generally give up and wait until 2024 to try again.

None of this means that online sports betting is dead in California; In fact, all it shows is that many powerful interests seem to be making what they think is a lucrative market. The cost of the game in other states that have bought can be negotiated between the race and the game industry based on the application. Tribes can also spend the next few years building their own apps and managing the market themselves. Online sports betting, as I wrote about last year, seems to be combining with Robinhood, stock trading tools, and cryptocurrency trading to attract users – guys who tend to lose money them.

It took New York State about a month for legalization to become, for a time, the largest sports betting market in the country; through an aggressive customer acquisition campaign that included non-stop advertising and money and free bets, the state’s players paid $2.8 billion in the first seven weeks. Some studies have shown that sports betting is five times more likely to cause problem gambling than other forms of gambling.

Other studies show that online gambling is more addictive than analog gambling. (Although it should be pointed out that, at least in California, casinos are helping to promote this ongoing story.) Because large online gambling companies can start their operations almost immediately they approved the law and had a seemingly unlimited amount of money for promotion, they. it will surpass any support infrastructure that can be developed to help addicted gamblers. 카지노사이트

I’ve spent much of my growing up life in casinos, casinos, and sportsbooks, where I’ve met more than my fair share of problem gamblers. I don’t know if app-based sports betting is worse than betting on Circa sports betting, where a few steps in either direction will land you straight into the slot machines. The idea is that it’s better to place your bets on the racetrack than on your phone not going well. Addictive gambling is, in many ways, based on emotions: the smell of grass and music, the sound of the roulette ball bouncing off the front of the wheel, the sharp edge of the dice digging into the stick your hand. Whether those apps can match the impact of physical space designed to take money out of your pocket is still an open question. There is a famous maxim in the game that you should assume that everyone is lying to you all the time. This rule also seems to be applied to the online sports betting debate, where the only thing you can trust is the release on each ad.

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