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Best Gambling Stories – Winnings are Twice as Sweet as Earnings

As Paul Newman said in the movie “The Color of Money” in 1986 – “Money earned is twice as sweet as money earned”. We totally agree and that’s why we decided to write a few lines about some of the coolest sports stories out there. Stories of very lucky people, people who became gambling legends because of big wins and losses. You will find people who create ways to destroy rooms, who have saved businesses and prospered in unique casino tours, who set new world records and even who decided to bet on events that no one thought would happen. -possible.

Regardless of how we look at the stories below, we can stop thinking that luck and belief can be the strongest allies we can have. But if you have them behind your back, no dream seems to be wrong, no desire – not fulfilled. Because when it comes to gaming, anything is possible, any way can work, any life can be changed at once or turned upside down! If you feel like giving this statement a try, you can also check out which is the best gambling site.

Patricia DeMauro: Queen of Craps

Have you ever heard of Patricia DeMauro? No? Let us tell you then. Patricia DeMauro is a beautiful woman, a grandmother from New Jersey, who decided to try her luck at the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City. This event took place on May 23, 2009.

He started playing craps there, like thousands of others before and after he went on to set a new world record, if Guinness records the game of dice. In four hours and eighteen minutes, Patricia rolled the dice 154 times and not once did she hit a 7! The odds of that are 1 in 1.56 trillion! He broke the record set 20 years before this event, in Las Vegas by a Honolulu player and he surpassed it by an hour and 12 minutes.

Another record he broke was the most consecutive dice rolls – according to gambling expert and author Frank Scoblete, the longest winning dice roll was 147 and was made in 2005 by a man with a pseudonym ‘Captain’. The average probability that the dice will be rolled before exiting is… around 8.5. The best thing is that it was only the second time he played craps – that night, he was having fun at the slot and eventually got bored, so he went to get his friend who left quickly. No one knows exactly how much money Patricia DeMauro took when she left the casino.

Some experts talk about hundreds of thousands, others of millions. One thing is for sure, Patricia DeMauro has achieved the impossible and her god is something that many can envy! It also made him a famous character in the game’s success story! If you are also in the mood to play table games, you can check out the best South Korea craps sites.

Kerry Packer: Always on the Ferris Wheel

Kerry Packer is another interesting example used in sports history. A media mogul, Packer had more money than he could throw at the casinos, and it suited him. He is known among gamblers for his huge wins and losses at card tables around the world. Three weeks at a London casino in 1999 is thought to have cost him around $28 million.

This amount is considered the biggest gambling loss in British history! Once, when he was playing at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, he won $33 million. Next time in London, Aspinall will close because of the success of Blackjack Packer!

It is both a customer’s desire and fear for casinos around the world. He is a man of contradictions – he has a lot of temper, spends his life ignoring the press and questioning whether he did some of the most memorable acts seen in the casino. He wanted to give money to the salesman, but since the salesmen split the tip, he told the manager to fire him. When that happened, he gave him $80,000 and asked the employee to give him his job back.

Another time, he said he would pay the hotel manager. As for the negative side of his anger – as we said, he is a broadcaster, with a majority stake in the Nine Television Network. He happened to see a show he didn’t like, so he called the station to order the show off the air. His words were reported to be “Get that damn thing out of the air!” With all his flaws and virtues, Kerry Packer remains a legend in society and has made the rise of many topics, many of them because of his bad gambling history… It is believed that he has like to play poker a lot if you have the same interest, you. You can find the best places to play poker online.

Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo: God of Roulette

Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo, born in 1947 in Madrid is a record producer and mathematical virtuoso. He is also famous for his shots at the roulette wheel. He made huge profits from gambling, using a legal system he invented. It is based on statistical analysis and the fact that the roulette table, like any other machine, certainly has imperfections and because of them there is a high probability that some numbers will come. Pelayo has collected data from thousands of spins and, spending years on it, he has identified a roulette wheel in the Casino de Madrid that supports certain numbers.

At the end of 1991, he started playing in the Gran Madrid casino and won around 70 million pesetas in the middle of 1992, around $700,000 at the time. After winning about €500,000 in one day, Gran Madrid banned Pelayo and his two children Ivan and Vanessa from entering the casino. And they began to travel around the world – casinos in Las Vegas, Austria, Holland, Australia and many other countries saw the truth of Pelayo’s calculations behind them. His total income has never been disclosed, but it is estimated that he and his family have accumulated more than 250 million peseta (between one and a half million and two million dollars). His unique and famous method inspired two films – a TV Channel documentary called ‘Breaking Vegas: The Roulette Assault’ and an Eduard Cortes fictional film called ‘The Pelayos’. There is also a 2003 book – “The Fabulous History of Los Pelayos”, written by Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo himself.

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FedEx: Secure Blackjack

Everyone knows FedEx. Founded in 1971 as Federal Express Corporation by Frederick W. Smith, FedEx is an overnight courier, operating in more than 200 countries and handling more than one billion packages annually. Three years after its launch, the company had nothing more than $5,000 in the bank account and could not pay the jet fuel. And Frederick Smith did something that no one would think about. He used the company’s last five thousand in Las Vegas. This is a big surprise for everyone at FedEx! Roger Frock, vice president of operations at the time, wrote the book “Changing How the World Do Business: FedEx’s Incredible Journey to Success”, in which he recounts his reaction to Smith’s:

While in Vegas, Smith sat down at the blackjack table and spent the weekend there. The panic was even greater when he raised $27,000. The company’s fuel bill is about $24,000. Fortunately, when you play at Canada’s best casino sites, you only have to worry about online fees.

It wasn’t the final solution to the problem, but it gave Smith time to find investors and get FedEx back on its feet. He raised $11,000,000 and in 1976 FedEx made a profit of $3.5 million. For 2018, the company had a revenue of $65.450 billion. It’s called luck!

Phil Laak: Poker to the end

This is another world record! Phil Laak is a professional poker player who set the record for longest session in 2010. He is known as the “Unabomber” and he managed to withstand 115 hours of play at the Bellagio in Las Vegas! The best part is that he did it for Camp Sunshine, an organization that provides a summer camp experience for sick children. Laak gets a five-minute break every hour and chooses to play until the end, so he can sleep for thirty minutes.

No caffeine, stimulants of any kind, or illegal substances were taken by the Unabomber during those 115 hours, and he said the man who helped the most was a nutritionist. To show that he was good and good, in the middle of the game, Laak made a few dozen entries and as a result won a $1000 prize at Camp Sunshine. More than 130,000 people watched the live video of the meeting and the charity received more than $3,000.

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William Hill: I Never Thought they Would Pay

We have prepared two of the most dangerous and most dangerous betting methods in recent history. Both were done at William Hill and both ended up doing more than good. And the news came directly from the island of Great Britain. The first occurred in 1964 when William Hill received this bet from a 20-year-old boy named David Threlfall:

David got odds of 1000:1. Immediately after his bet, betting on the Moon became very popular, but when Luna 9 and Gemini 9 arrived, the odds fell to 8 to 1, and even lower. Despite David Threlfall, being the first brave sci-fi enthusiast, won a total prize of £10,000, which is about $250,000 these days. As Apollo 11 landed, a William Hill representative said, “That’s good for us.” even before Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon 카지노사이트 주소.

The second shocking example of stupid betting involves Harry Willson, a professional footballer born in 1997, who is also Liverpool’s youngest international player. In 2000, when Harry was only 3 years old, his grandfather, Peter Edwards, made a bet at William Hill in Wrexham and put £50 on the chance of his grandson one day playing for Wales. William Hill gave him odds of 2500 to 1. In 2013 it was Harry’s first match as a Welsh national who brought Peter £125,000 winnings. Mr. Edwards retired after receiving the money and decided to spend more time with his wife. He is a man who believes in his race!

MIT Blackjack Team

Another amazing story is about a group of MIT students in 2003 who found a way to win a lot of money in blackjack. If you’re interested, you can read our article about the film from the MIT blackjack team. However, don’t expect the same success as some CA players expect from Canada’s top gambling sites. The list of characters about the game is long, scary and sometimes hard to believe. Most are some sort of sports recovery story or horror game. The examples listed above, on the other hand, are strong proof that Lady Luck can come at any time and confidence in yourself and your abilities can be the best weapon you can have while playing games. good money online.

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