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Cheating Methods in Slot Machine Games You Probably Didn’t Know About

How to Cheat at Slots

Because all modern slots employ computer software and many do not accept coins, it is nearly difficult to cheat them. The only way to cheat video slot machines or online slots is to work with a slot machine programmer who has direct access to a specific machine.

The casino could deceive the player, but it would be counterproductive because honest games result in large sums of money for the casino. Yet, there have been instances of slot cheating by both players and casinos.

Wondering How They Did It?

The following are the most popular slot machine cheats and tricks.

The Paw of the Monkey

Tommy Glenn Carmichael designed the’monkey’s paw,’ which was made of malleable steel and resembled a paw. He utilized it to get more money from a slot machine than he should have. To operate the mechanism, the player would insert the monkey’s paw into the payout receptacle and up through the payout spout until an audible clang was heard. There was nothing to stop the unrestricted flow of coins as the machine reels spun and hit a winning combination. As a result, the player earned a far larger reward than was intended.

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Shaved And Stringed Coins

The shaved and strung coin trick was a common cheating tactic. A player would file a coin in order for it to pass through the machine. A player would lower the penny into the machine, pull the arm, and the reels would spin. Because the coin was smaller than it should have been and was on a string, the player could pull it out and use it repeatedly.

Yo-Yo Hack

The Yo-Yo slot hack, also known as stringed coins, is accomplished by wrapping a thin string around a coin before inserting it into a slot machine. After inserting the coin, you pull the cord to collect it from the machine.

While this hack worked for coin-operated slot machines in land-based casinos in the past, it is unlikely to work for most machines today, let alone online slots.

Magnet Hack

At the time of mechanical slot machines, the magnet slot machine hack was used. To scam the machine, the player would pull the handle and try to stop the reels on a winning combination with a huge magnet.

Another method was to wait for a winning combination, then place the magnet on the glass in front of the reels, insert coins, pull the handle, and the magnet would lock the reels in place, allowing for more winnings.

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Making Light

Light was used to deceive the slot machine’s sensors in one creative method of cheating. The light was directed at the machine’s light sensor, which controlled the machine. Players were able to make a machine payout more times than it should by interrupting the sensor that kept track of payouts.

Cheating the Code

Slot developers create slot machines that can be controlled and audited while still providing high-quality gameplay. To avoid cheating, the games are evaluated by independent testing firms such as eCORGA and Gaming Laboratories International, and the software vendors are licensed by regulatory bodies.

Yet, there have been cases where game developers have tampered with the game’s code. One instance was when Nevada Gaming Commission engineer Ronald Dale Harris rigged slot machines to benefit himself. He scammed machines for years by knowing the source codes, and his scheme wasn’t discovered until he won $100,000 on a keno game in 1995.

Do Slot Machines and Casinos Cheat Players?

Slot machines are not intended to defraud players. Each slot machine, whether online or in a physical casino, is set to pay out at a certain pace. Once that rate is selected, the slot, as long as it is operational, will pay out at the specified rate.

Each casino, whether physical or virtual, has nothing to gain by defrauding you, and everything to lose. If any casino’s slots were rigged, that casino would lose a big number of customers and a significant portion of its income. It just makes no sense for any casino to take such a significant risk in order to benefit a little more.

Online slots are major business, and no casino will jeopardize its capacity to generate a daily profit on its greatest revenue generator by deceiving players. Unfortunately, some casinos operate in an unethical manner. Further information on them can be found on our casino blacklist.

If you’re concerned that a casino will trick you, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that the casino and the slot machine you’re playing are both fair.

1. Check casino licenses and safety measures

Always play at an online casino that is licensed by a government institution, and only play slot games that have been evaluated by an independent agency. Learn more about online gaming regulatory authorities.

2. Check the payout rate of the slot

The RTP (return to player) percentage of the slot machine should be displayed under the slot’s information and should be easy to find online. Only play at online casinos that are committed to truth and fairness and have their games constantly regulated and audited.

3. Look at online reviews

Next, study reviews and look for complaints about any online casino you’re considering joining. For more information, see our casino reviews and slot reviews.

How can you be certain that an online casino is not deceptive?

To be safe while gambling online and ensure that the casinos you play at are fair, only play slots at licensed online casinos that have 카지노추천사이트 their games audited on a regular basis and provide payout % information. See our selection of the top online casinos that our slots experts have tried and recommended.

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