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Tech Tip: How to Make Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone, Android Phone Fast

If you’re having signal problems at home or at the office, turn on Wi-Fi calling for high-quality, uninterrupted calls. Here is a step-by-step guide to enable Wi-Fi calling on your phone. In short
Wi-Fi calling allows you to receive calls and text messages through an Internet connection.
The recipient will see the phone number when receiving a call through a Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi calling is available on the latest Android and iPhone devices.

Most of the time we have weak or near zero mobile signal in some part of our office or house, especially if the house is near the roof. . To score in these dead places, we wave and wave our phones while talking to them or waiting for OTP. However, the solution to this problem is simple. In areas where cell phone signal is weak, use available Wi-Fi. And in many cases it is. The feature is called Wi-Fi.

So if you’re having trouble with the mobile network but you have access to Wi-Fi, you don’t need a strong mobile network to call. And no, I’m not talking about calling through WhatsApp, Messenger or any other apps. I’m talking about the Wi-Fi calling function that almost all smartphones have. Wi-Fi Calling allows users to make calls from a single number using an Internet connection. Avoid Dividing Up Big Tech

When you connect through a call to Wi-Fi, people who receive calls or texts will see that it is coming from your mobile number. In addition, Wi-Fi calling provides improved call quality, saving your phone’s battery – a weak phone signal drains the battery more and even saves you when trying to find a network connection .
So if you’re having trouble getting a signal in your home or office, switch to Wi-Fi calling for clear and high-quality voice calls. Let’s see how you can enable Wi-Fi calling feature on your Android or iOS phone.

How to make Wi-Fi calling on Android

The steps to enable Wi-Fi calling may differ on Android phones 카지노사이트 depending on the manufacturer. Therefore, we listed three different steps.

For Google Pixel users
— Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Calls & Texts
— Find and open the Wi-Fi calling option. — Now switch to using Wi-Fi to make calls.

For OnePlus users
— Go to Settings > Mobile Network > Tap on Sim 1
— Find and open the Wi-Fi calling option. — Enable Wi-Fi calling.
— You can also set preference between Wi-Fi calls and phone calls within the available network. For Samsung and many other Android devices
— Open the phone app
— Tap the three-dot icon on the top right
— Now tap and open settings
— You will see Wi-Fi calling option Open it and do it. Note: Whenever your call is connected through a Wi-Fi network, you will see Wi-Fi calling on the call screen.

How to enable Wi-Fi calling on iPhones

— Go to Settings > Phone > and tap Wi-Fi Calling. — Enable Wi-Fi calling on this iPhone. Elon Musk’s Launches New Perfume Business to Buy Twitter

  • When Wi-Fi calling is available, you’ll see Wi-Fi next to your carrier name on your iPhone’s status bar.

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