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Despite Suggestions That Sizewell C Nuclear Power Facility May Be Abandoned, the Government Supports It

Spokesman Rishi Sunak has said they are leaving the £20billion project unfinished and the government hopes to get a deal on line as soon as possible.

Why You Should Trust Sky News

The government says it is still supporting the Sizewell C nuclear power station and hopes to secure a contract and seal to pay for the project as soon as possible. Funding for Suffolk plants totaling £700million was announced by Boris Johnson in early September in one of his final events as Prime Minister. The Moneyball Approach to Immigration Reform

But the site’s future was thrown into immediate doubt after reports said it was being investigated ahead of the Chancellor’s autumn announcement in less than two weeks – with accountants telling Sky News that ” all options are on the table” to fill the official black hole. money. Now spokesman Rishi Sunak says the reports are “incorrect” and “our position remains the same”, adding that discussions are “ongoing and constructive”.

The £20bn Sizewell C project aims to generate enough electricity to power six million homes and help protect the UK from energy market volatility. The plant is a joint venture with French energy giant EDF and is expected to take ten years to build 카지노사이트.

Although it has the support of the Labor Party and unions, critics say the plans are too expensive and new sources will take too long to come online. A spokesman for Stop Sizewell C said the project “should be taken into consideration”, adding: “It is not necessary to fulfill our zero-emissions mission or ensure energy security.

“All it can provide is short-term pain – more money on our energy bills – and long-term pain, and great uncertainty about cost and construction time, for expensive electricity rather than quickly.”


They added: “Today’s response from Downing Street looks more like a comfort to EDF, France and the nuclear industry, than a clear statement of what the government intends to do in the face of increasing pressure on spending society.”

But a government spokesman said Sizewell C was ‘essential to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, increasing our energy security and achieving our net zero emissions targets with clean and reliable energy. “We have made up to £700 million for the contract, as part of the £1.7 billion for the development of large nuclear projects until the final decision on the investment in this parliament.” Read: A Historical Look at Baccarat and Its Evolution

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